Project Description

Success Stories:ZOHR Field Development Project, Egypt

ATLAS has successfully provided Shipping Agency, Logistics Support and Shorebase Management in Cyprus to SAIPEM for the ZOHR Field Development Project in Egypt!

The ZOHR Field Development Project in Egypt is one of the largest Oil & Gas Development Projects ever conducted worldwide!

All support services in Cyprus for the three (3) Project Phases (ASU, ORU & RUP) have been successfully delivered exclusively by ATLAS.The ATLAS team achieved exemplary performances and consistently delivered the high quality of services required by the Client and doing so with zero accidents/incidents, no project downtime/workdays lost, no delays in the project schedule and no cargo or equipment lost or damaged.

Main project statistics:


ATLAS was responsible for the handling of more than 700,000 tons of several type of pipes that were used for the construction of the pipeline connecting Zohr field with Egypt. Services provided included the preparation of the storage area, incoming inspection, transportation from vessel to storage area, offloading and stacking in storage area using ATLAS’s owned specialized pipe handling reach stackers, loading from storage area on trucks with installed parapets and transporting to quayside for further loading onto PSVs. All completed with ZERO accidents/incidents or damage on pipes.

Crew Change:

More than 20,000 crew changes in total. Daily crew changes of more than 250 people have been handled flawlessly.

Cargo Handling:

Of more than 200,000 tons of cargo including heavy lifting and transportation services of the world’s heaviest reel weighing more than 580 tons.

Shore base Management:

Of more than 80,000 sq. meters of open yard spaces and excess of 10,000 sq. meter of warehouse storage areas in both Limassol and Larnaca Ports.

Port Calls:

More than 1820 port calls of which over 100 calls of Offshore Construction Vessels and successful completion of all project mobilization/demobilisation activities:

  • Normand Cutter
  • FDS2
  • S3000
  • Normand Maximus
  • Castoro10
  • S7000
  • Far Samson
  • Castoro Sei
  • Deep Cygnus
  • FDS
  • Castorone
  • Bautino

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