ATLAS Offshore Operations provide unparalleled logistics services to the Marine and Oil and Gas industries.


We offer freight services to and from destinations worldwide, by sea, land or air. Consistently providing our customers with favourable rates thanks to our buying power enhanced by considerable volumes and strong relationships with the world’s leading freight carriers. We have priority access to freight space, even in the busiest peak periods of the year.

Additional Services:

  • Manage the maintenance, preparation and routing of purchase orders/shipments.
  • Track and analyse shipments to ensure delivery on time.
  • Ensure quality of all services and processes within during the export/import procedure.

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Full documentation processing for European, non-European and transit cargo, air freight and sea freight. At all times documentation requirements are adhered to, checked thoroughly, and presented to customs officials in such a manner which allows for speedy release of goods. Our highly qualified customs clearance professionals and agents ensure that we are compliant with all regulations and legal requirements regarding imports, exports and transit cargo.

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Expertise in the transportation of heavy, wide and oversized cargo. Following the health and safety regulations, we have the capability to manage any projects or cargo of any scale with professionalism and care. Our project handling experience includes surveys, feasibility studies, full or part charter services and specialised equipment. ATLAS’s cranes and multi-wheeler were able to load and transport a 580t reel from storage area to the vessel, which was the heaviest transportation in Cyprus!

You can count on us to deliver your goods safely, on time, with complete transparency and in strict compliance with all rules and regulations. Commitment, flexibility and experience is essential to our approach to every project, whether it be a single shipment or the execution of a global EPC contract.

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Fleet management and full end-to-end distribution solutions are all offered through our integrated transportation network with complete logistics and distribution capabilities across Cyprus and the Easter Mediterranean.

ATLAS’s road transportation services ensure delivery of the cargo to the consignee’s preferable address. We handle all types of deliveries, from international transportation of project cargo to local retail distribution and delivery.

Getting your goods on time, in the right quantities and in good shape, is a complicated business. Our specialised logistics improves supply chain efficiency, inventory control and lower costs, while freeing you to focus on your core competencies. ATLAS’s solutions are backed by world-class warehousing & distribution capabilities, and sophisticated warehouse management system.

Whether you are looking for storage and transportation support or to outsource your existing regional or global logistics operations, our comprehensive logistics solutions are fully customisable to meet your needs with cost-effective end-to-end service packages.

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In such a competitive market, a reliable supply chain management can make all the difference as it is a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers in many industries.

ATLAS’s supply chain management offers a complete range of logistics and supply chain management solutions for manufacturers and retailers across industries. Our expertise can help you maximise your supply chain performance, reduce capital investment and adapt to changes by outsourcing your logistics to us.

Our team of analysts and operations specialists can help you manage your entire supply chain, from raw materials to retail distribution, always with the expertise to recognise each specific customer’s need for continuously improving local, national or global supply chain solutions.

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When a spare part is urgently required for a vessel, it makes a massive difference to deal with a company with expertise in fast-track delivery, shipping and logistics.

ATLAS offers to ship owners and management companies time-sensitive, single source delivery of ship spares and marine parts, using the transport mode that best matches your time and cost concerns.

This specialised supply chain management service also assists in freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, ship agency, ship supply and marine and offshore support.

For more details contact ATLAS’s office, or e-mail atlas@aoo.com.cy