• Vision

    To become the leading port agency in Cyprus by exceeding all of our stakeholders’ expectations in every segment of operations

  • Mission

    To build and maintain a strong client relationship by consistently delivering an outstanding quality of services in the most trustworthy, professional, and ethical manner

      • Respect the environment and the health and safety regulations
      • To have an honest and friendly, but professional approach towards the stakeholders.
      • To constantly explore new ideas and technology for the improvement of our services.
      • In a diverse market, we strive to maintain our performance at its highest standards, as our customers are in the heart of our business, which is reflected on our dedication to going the extra mile to meet your objectives on a daily basis.
  • Values

    The customer and his needs, in accordance with International/European laws, are the driving force in our company’s operations. Therefore, it is our utmost priority to deliver our services in a manner that infuses respect and trust in our customers. To achieve this, we have developed several values that underpin the character of our business

      • Probity The conduct of our business strives to foster honesty, trust, and uprightness.
      • Professionalism Continuous development of professional demeanour based on the highest standards.
      • Commitment To faithfully follow our vision of always meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations.
      • Excellence Ensure to be proactive, meticulous about our action plan and offer effective solutions.
      • Communication To successfully transfer our rules, policies, and vision to our customers in a distinct manner for a mutual understanding.
      • We communicate openly, listen to, value, and respect our stakeholders.
      • Be ethical We honour our promises and commitments and we operate within the highest ethical standards, while we always take responsibility of our actions.
      • Be progressive We constantly challenge our methods and try to find more innovative and creative solutions to deliver our customers the best possible service.